WOODS AND HOGAN - droppable? Waiver options!

Footclan ! Should I drop woods or Hogan?

Options on waivers:

  • Marquis Lee
  • Josh Docston
  • Jordy Nelson

I know…I’m wondering about Woods myself. Supposed to be out at least a couple of weeks. But…is he gonna be what he’s been in time to make a difference even if he makes it back??? THAT my friend is the QUESTION!!!

That is the question. I have other WRs to play, but if one of them gets injured… I’ll need either Hogan or Woods to start playing again. Neither are guaranteed to be studs when they’re back… So that’s why Docston and Lee are appealing. Maybe even Josh Gordon?!

EXACTLY!!! I’ve also got JuJu and Emmanuel Sanders. Kinda in the same boat with them…especially JuJu. Trying to figure out if I should try to grab somebody to get through to concrete my PlayOff spot. I’m in 10 team, PPR. I’m just barely edging into the PlayOff’s. In the 6th spot, so…this week could shove me out. Playing the 1st placer. YEAH!!! LOL

So sorry. I know I haven’t been much help here. Reckon just been kinda trying to lend a shoulder to fellow…“what the hell do I do doer???” LOL

You should grab Lee for sure. Forget Nelson and id rather have hogan then woods since hogan will likely play this week. Unless you really need to start someone I would hold them both. If you just need a play this week I would drop woods for docston.

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I like Lee. Last game he was just another victim of the Patrick Peterson missing persons report, and before that they were in some weather. I think he’ll be back to getting good work.