Woods , Baldwin , Funchess, Hill. play 2 PPR

What 2 out of that group would you roll with this week.

Need a solid floor with potential to blow

Based off last week don’t play funchess… I started him over hill and am now playing for 3rd… Can threw 4 tds and he had 1 catch.

Hill and Woods probably

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same here. was soooo pissed. he alone blew my game. That one TD he caught and then dropped when he got hit in the shoulder. If he held onto that ball.

I would have won.

Now im playing for 3rd.


I lost by 8, no fractional points. I think that was long enough to be worth 8 points for me and I would have had the tie breaker. In fairness though all 3 of my wrs that I started over hill blew it. If I played hill over funchess Julio or Jordy I woul be playing for the title. 12-1 regular season and I’ll probably finish 4 because I am up against zek this week and hell score 6 tds.

I had Jordy as well playing that game.


should have said him and Funchess .

I also had Hill on the bench.

I was 1st place won 8 straight

That was brutal 7 passing tds and funchess and Jordy combine for 30 yards

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I feel your guys pain. I had Jamal Williams, AB, and Funchess last week and still only lost by 9

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