Woods for Fitz?

I own Cooks and Woods, and the Fitz owner is interested in acquiring Woods. Would you trade away Woods for Fitz and about a 4th round draft pick in a standard scoring league? I’m sitting at 0-5 and basically playing for next year already.

Thoughts? Thanks guys!

forsure, I think i would trade woods for Fitz straight up honestly. But if he will give up a pick too then even better!

He’s hot on Woods. Wanted a package deal done last night that involved Josh gordon too. I didn’t accept, thank goodness. Now i want to see how high of a pick he wood give up for Woods. The Redzone targets have me intrigued.

Any other thoughts? Fitz owner is willing to trade Fitz and 9th for my Woods and 16th (last pick). Again, non ppr

I think getting Fitz and a pick is an upgrade forsure. Not sure what else you have been offered or who the other guy has that wants Woods. But the Fitz deal sounds solid to me.

Deal went through. Got Fitz and a 9th.