Woods for Gibson

Half PPR… i got offered his Robert Woods for my Antonio Gibson.

RB: Henry, Mixon, Gibson, Montgomery, Howard, Thompson
WR: Golladay, Amari, A.J. Brown, McLaurin, Deebo

I’m really into the Gibson hype also right now, but this seems like a no-brainer accept right? I don’t even need a WR lol

Thoughts? Selling high?

Keep Gibson. Woods is awesome but Gibson has a high ceiling and could be special. You already have solid depth at WR as well so you need RB depth more.

I’d go woods. Half PPR he could finish in the top 12. Even if the hype is accurate for Gibson what are the odds he finishes as a top 15 RB and/or out scores woods?

Those are my thoughts exactly. I really like Gibson, but someone is willing to overpay for the hype. I don’t really need a WR but the trade feels like a sell high for sure

Yeah I’d take Woods then package 2 of your WRs for Adams or Michael Thomas.

What positions do you start? If you can start 4 WRs I’d jump at the trade. If you can only start 3 WRs, that limits the value you’re getting back in woods. Could you maybe package Gibson and one of your WRs to get someone even better than Woods?

We play 2 flex so I can start a total of 4 WR

Yeah, smash that trade.

Woods is definitely worth it for Gibson. I’d check out in advance and see what trades you could make to upgrade at RB if you were to do that. I’m sure someone would be willing to trade a low end RB2 or high end RB3 for one of your high end WRs

@jaguileraroh is right. You need RB depth.

However, as everyone else here is saying, someone is overpaying, and you need to take advantage.

So do the trade, then turn around and flip two of your WRs for an upgrade at RB.