Woods or McLaurin @WR & Coleman or Michel at Flex?

I’ve decided to go with woods and Coleman but woods isn’t as consistent as he usually has been in years so he makes you feel like he’s due a solid game and everytime I bench Michel in bad matchups he goes off *PPR

I have cooks and no ones really been consistent on the Rams with the number of weapons. They play the bengals so someone’s going off at wr. I like mclaurin but i don’t see minn stacking the box on Peterson or a second wr threat so expecting a safety to shadow mclaurin’s side of the field.

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That makes sense and I agree that’s what my major concern was, Minnesota being a quality defense. They’re going to contain the best player.

I’m not sure about that as rhoades wasn’t shadowing golladay last week. Jones was getting TDs on him all night.

@Rbins40 I feel like Detroit has more weapons then Washington. And bigger wideouts. That is true though.

Within the last year or two rhoades has had a very tough time with quick WRs. Jones is both quick and has a decent frame so he’s kinda inbetween. My only concern would be double coverage.

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Guess you could add QB injury to the concern list. Bummer mclaurin was wide open all night

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