Woods vs Kupp

Full PPR
ADP has the virtually going at the same spot. So if they are going in the same round who would you rather have this year?

In 48 drafts, I have 30 shares of Woods, and zero (0) shares of Kupp, if that answers your question.

But why? What’s your reasoning?

You din’t axe why, you just axed who would we rather have.


I think Woods is the kind of receiver that fits Stafford’s skill set better, and he’s already been featured in McVay’s offense. I know that going into 2020, Robert Woods had been the #8 PPR WR when totaled over the previous three seasons. I honestly don’t know how 2020 averaged into that, but as the #14 PPR WR last year, he couldn’t have hurt his standing too much. And I think Stafford boosts him well into that high-end WR2 or even low-end WR1 area in larger leagues.

Kupp should be good too. I just give the Æ™ Advantage to Woods.