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Word on the Street – What should we know about your local team?


Good People of the Forum!

You are now the #Footclan Beat Reporter for your local – or favorite, if you live abroad (Bonjour!) – NFL team.

What is the hot take for your team for the upcoming season that isn’t getting nearly enough press and the #Footclan should know? (Things like player news, position battles, sleepers, busts, etc.)


Texans here…If there is one thing we missed in 2016, and I mean we really missed it, it was a goal line back. After watching Miller, you will see he was 1 or 2 steps from braking for a huge gain pretty often in games. I expect he will get several long runs this season as he gets rapport with our offensive line. However, I believe the TDs will come from Foreman this year. It is hard to predict his fantasy value this season, but it will impact Miller’s TD opportunity.


KC Chiefs fan here. born and raised KCMO. expect a healthy run game from ware and hunt. i expect hunt to take over by game 6. but i still expect ware to have his role this year. west is pretty much out the door in my mind, and i have ZERO clue why C.J. Spiller is here. granted we picked him up before the draft. and he might just be the best 3rd string running back there is. so long as he stays there… at third string.

i also expect hill to take a step forward. they are adamant about getting him more in tune with the offense. they are even going to take him off of kick returns. that may not seem like much, but its the exact same thing that was done with antonio brown. same kind of player. both 5 10, great route runners. only real difference, brown has better hands, hill is faster. i expect hill to step into the number 1 roll in stride. but still be about 70 receptions only because of the low throw numbers smith puts up. dream senario is for mahomes to turn into a big ben type player and hill to turn into a brown type player. wouldnt that be the dream?

i also expect conley to step up pretty damn big. more than likely next year though. conley has just been super impressive to me. it may just take a gun slinger like mahomes to have him break out.

all in all, i expect a solid offense, but nothing really to reach for this year in a redraft. even kelce i wouldnt reach for. he can easily be the top TE this year, but i dont want a TE in the 3rd round and thats what it will take to get him more than likely. the 2nd round in my home grown redraft. bunch of nuts around here that think we are the most amazing offense to ever play. i think hill can and will be a great pick up, you just have to remember to expect days that he just doesnt show up. and i think hunt is a great late round guy. and ware, im not touching because his ADP is stupid right now. it should lower after the preseason though.


oh i never expanded on conley. simply put, he is the possesion guy now with maclin gone. i expect him to get peppered with receptions while everyone is covering hill and kelce. the dudes hands just pluck balls out of the air. its pretty damn impressive what he can do honestly. i have always wanted him more involved and now is that time.


Bears fan here-

Ran into Ryan Pace. Told him if he gave me $5, I’d take his lunch off his hands for him. He upped the offer to $10 and I accepted.


Titans fan here.

A name you should put on your list of potential sleepers (depending on how deep your league is) is Taywan Taylor, the Titans third round pick out of Western Kentucky. Given Western’s close proximity to Nashville, the Titans got to scout him extensively.

Every indication from OTA’s was that Taylor was, at times, the best receiver on the field. His route running is very mature, and he has tremendous quickness, meaning he’s getting off the line very well against corners. The Titans have greatly improved their receiving corps, and Taylor could get a chunk of targets out of the slot.


Saints fan here…as always the defense seems to have improved in one area (marshawn lattimore) only to suffer in another (nick fairley). Very interested to see how our new running-back committee works, but wish they would have saved the money they spent on Ap and invested it in somewhere else. Every year i look at the schedule and see a scenerio where the team can be 11-5…and every year they seem to limp to 7-9,8-8. With the buccaneers and falcons turning out impressive squads lately i think we may have seen the best of drew brees’ best years behind us.


How much do you see your team being *cough * “rather terrible” affecting Jordan Howard’s season?


Unfortunately as a Hoosier Alumnus, I cannot give a rational opinion.

That said, I think we see his production tail off slightly. He’ll still be the dominate hand on a (seemingly) run first offense with a slightly improved defense. My concern is that he’ll be keyed in on as teams dare either Trubisky or Glennon to throw at them.


I have said in other threads, I feel like his yards go down and TDs go up. I guess he ends the season with similar numbers.



– QB –
A lot has been written hyping all the great new weapons at JAMEIS’s disposal. And that’ll certainly continue to solidify my expectations for his floor this season (~QB14). There was no sophomore slump as he had another 4,000 yards passing, while seeing upcreases in both passing TDs and completion percentage. BUT… His fantasy production went down in 2016, because…

  • he threw 3 more INTs,
  • had more 1 fumble,
  • downcreased from 6 rush TDs in 2015 down to 1 last year, and
  • rushed for fewer yards on about the same number of attempts.
  • He was sacked 8 more times in 2016 too. (Drive killer.)

Why? His O-Line is stinky. Because of all this, Mr. ButterFace believes his upside is capped at a low-end QB1. Having more/better options to pass to doesn’t mean much if you’re consistently worried about being sacked. Which means I see him in a pretty tight range of QB 8 to 14. So he’s guaranteed to be a top-half QB… which… actually isn’t all that brag-worthy… especially when you consider that his consistency was about the same as Blake Bortles. Draft him late …if he lasts that long.

– RB –
It’s all about cost here. Each of the last two seasons, the Bucs were 8th in the NFL in rushing attempts per game. So there’s definitely opportunity… for a lot of guys.

DOUG MARTIN is missing the first several games of the season… and currently costing teams a 4th round pick in this year’s draft. That means you’re drafting an unplayable starter and banking that he delivers for you those last 9 regular season games (Weeks 4-13, with Week 11 bye) enough to catapult you into the playoffs. Don’t forget that he had only 6 rushing TDs in his 2015 pro bowl season. And as much as we Bucs fans like to focus on 2012 and 2015… his other 3 NFL seasons resulted in an average (with little deviation) of ~450 rushing yards. I don’t care the reasons. Those are the results. And he’s already guaranteed to miss 3 games this season? Stay far away. Only get him via FA or trade when his stock is at low tide.

JACQUIZZ. Right now, you’re thinking “Mr. ButterFace hates his favorite team.” Not true. I want you to draft Jacquizz. He’s going in the 11th, and you’re pretty much guaranteed 3 solid games to start 2017 where he’s going against last year’s 31st, 26th and 19th run defenses. After that? Who knows when DM returns, but who cares? At worst, sell high. You drafted him a deep-bench level and he helped propel you to something hopefully close to a 3-0 start. Yay.

SIMS & McNICHOLS. Sims disappeared last year between injury and missed-opportunity. Hard to gamble on him in 2017. Especially with the rookie McNichols clogging up the bench. The rookie has no chance (ok, injury) to contend for the starting position in Weeks 1-5, so has little value beyond a complete collapse of the TB running game in the first half of the season. And by that time, teams will be so worried about the Bucs as a whole, that McNichols will be a free agent too. Leave him undrafted. If you have an extra bench space mid-season and Doug Martin had a rough first few outings in Weeks 4-6, pick him up and stash him. Same applies to Sims, but with even lower expectations.

– WRs –
Everything starts with EVANS. High floor, high ceiling. My worry is that he’s going to cost you too much. He’s going in the first – and he is 1st Round talent – but is he going to do enough for your team to be worthy of that 1.07 - 1.10 pick? …probably not, especially if you consider the scarcity at RB and what guys like McCoy, Freeman, DeMarco and Melvin provide for your team. Then ask yourself the likelihood that the 2nd round cost of TY, Dez, Michaelthomas, and even AJ Green (if lucky) will provide the same value to your team as Evans. For my money, it’ll be pretty close. So I’m drafting an RB in late Round 1 over Evans. If I can get him at the turn, I’ll take him, but otherwise… nope.

DESEAN’s value is less in PPR formats, but the old man still has burner speed and a QB that likes to chuck the ball on par with his QB last season. So I’d rely on him for similar stats: 1000yds and 6TDs. Which are some rather pleasant numbers… except that they come inconcsistently and in bunches. If you can predict when those’ll show up, by all means draft him as your 3rd or 4th WR with the confidence in WR2 results. Just don’t take him too early.

HUMPHRIES doesn’t even show up in the UDK. Tag him as a free agent to keep an eye on.

– TE –
BRATE is free. (His ADP is 14.08.) Yet he was a mid-level TE1 (regardless of format) during the Season-of-Barfy-TEs. What happened? OJ Howard. We’ll see what happens in the preseason, but if you punt on TEs for most of the draft, I would fully support taking two TEs late (11th-14th rounds) and one of them should be Brate. Why??

The NEW OJ has gotten a lot of hype – and deservedly so. He’s a specimen of a TE with combine numbers you’ll joyfully brag about on draft day. He’s going in the 10th round, so he won’t cost you a starter. All good so far. …except that pretty much every analysis I’ve read of his time at Alabama (on one hand) praises his physical gifts while (on the other ) making a variety of excuses why his receiving numbers never met expectations. The argument almost always being “a physical freak must result in a Pro Bowl player.” I’m not so sure. What is pretty widely accepted – and proven – is that he’s a very good blocker. And you know what Tampa Bay needs? A better O-Line. Mr. ButterFace’s conclusion? There’s some really good value-opportunity drafting Brate. He’s a proven commodity, while rookie OJ could easily get stuck blocking and only running limited routes his rookie season.

Who to pair with Gordon

completely agree with your thoughts on your home town. its also why i love winston in redraft. he is the ultimate streaming QB. you can pretty much see when he will excel and when he wont. i got called crazy last year in my redraft for dropping him for phillip rivers after week 1. winston went from 4 td and 1 pick to 1 td and 4 picks. while rivers went from 1 td no picks to 4 tds no picks. i then dropped him for someone else. cant remember now. ended up winning me both games though, i remember that haha. but my point is he is a great QB with his weeknesses, but if you catch him at the right time, oh man can he win you some games.


Any other local info out there for your home/favorite team? Fill us in!
The Preseason is Coming!


I’m in NC. Seems like everyone in the world is expecting Cam to become Drew Brees and check everything down. The honest local reporters are thinking its a mistake to limit his running ability and longer throws. I still think he can’t hit the side of a barn. I wouldn’t take any of them this season cept Olsen.