Worried about Delanie --- TE stream options?

I’m getting worried Walker won’t play, and even if he does he is probably limited. My other TE is Henry. So who is worth streaming this week?

Would Jonnu Smith his backup be the easiest go to?

My other FA options are:

B. Watson
R. Griffin
T. Kroft
E. Dickson
G. Kittle
M. Bennett
T. Higbee
A. Derby

So on and so forth… thoughts??

If it’s worth anything, I’m currently streaming TE’s til Olsen comes back and I dropped Henry for Kroft this week. I personally like how Dalton has used him lately. My other options included Delanie, Jared Cook, V Davis, Hooper, and the rest of your guys.

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I would look into Griffin if he is healthy. He’s got a good matchup against Indy, if not him then definitely Dickson, especially with Kelvin gone.

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I was thinking Kroft originally but you make a good point with Dickson.

TE has been my bugaboo all year.