Worried about Waller-us?

So I’m in a 12tm HPPR league and I drafted Waller in the last round back in August. Suffice it to say he’s been great, and far exceeded my highly drafted TE (O.J…:face_with_head_bandage:)

But Waller’s targets are sliding (even though he’s producing with what he’s given). I’m poised to make the playoffs but wondering if I need to stash a second TE with upside (Hollister, Fant, Gesicki. etc.)?

I’m currently using bench spots on Pollard (as the Zeke owner), Mattison, and Foles (my 3rd QB in a SF league, picked off waivers).

Who are your other 2 QB’s? Are they already passed their byes?

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Jameis and Jimmy G, so passed byes yes…but both can a bit match-up dependent, which is why I grabbed Foles. I had been using the Savage Gardener as my 3rd rotational QB.

Notably, Winston gets new Orleans in Week 11, and JG has GB, Bal, and NO Weeks 12-14.

be honest with yourself. Are you actually going to start any of those guys given Waller’s floor and ceiling? Waller owner here and the TE landscape is just trash. The only guy i would even consider there is gesicki based on what, one week?? Waller is matchup and gamescript proof but he will have ups and downs like any TE in the league

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