Worried for Tre'quan?

All the talk and hype is their for tre’quan as the #2 vertical receiver for the Saints, yet in a game where Brees was throwing all over the place, he didn’t see a single target.

Should we be worried about him going forward? Am i overreacting? All i need him to be is flex-value, but he seems to be trending away from even that.

if you need someone flex worthy look at your waivers or find a trade. Smith has great talent and opportunity, but the Saints just scored a ton and he got nothing. He’s too inconsistent and they brought in Marshall after bringing in Dez before he got hurt. Just don’t see the volume there to warrant a roster spot let alone a starting spot

exactly my thoughts, i just wanted to justify dropping him.

I have plenty of other flex-worthy candidates, but working out a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 for an RB1 from the struggling last place team ( our league has punishments for last place so he wants to avoid at all costs lol).

If any of the 3 for 1 offers goes through, i’ll be looking at either Lockette and Sutton, or Lockette and Tre-quan as primary flex candidates. So i’ll look over the waivers and see if there’s any better options.

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if he doesnt get targets during the rams game and others high scoring games I don’t think he going to get targets in a close game. I have dropped him 3 weeks ago

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