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Worry on potential top-tier players


You have players like Elliot and OBJ and then possible all-stars in Fournette who stand a good possibility with not starting in the early season. With injuries and other things, do you draft these kinds of players for late runs or do you try to secure those early wins and skip over them in their respective rounds?


wins are hard to come by. i dont care if you go undefeated, you had to have some help along the way, a little bit of luck even. so for me, im keeping it as safe as possible and getting those early wins if i can. because all we know is what is in front of us. you can look ahead and try to figure out this or that, but what i know is that if i want to make it to the playoffs, i need to win games. starting with the first one. after that ill worry about the next week, and the one after that. but, of course having some foresight is still a good thing. im just not going to bank my whole season around the potential i have 10 weeks in.


I tend to lean safe as well early. I also tender to want RB RB in my first 2 rounds as well, but I don’t go in with just that on my mind. You just never know what will happen throughout the year and I’m a huge proponent of selling high on a player when possible. I almost every year will sell high on a play that starts hot and that most of the time works in the favor of the guy selling, not buying.