Worse review (Tyreek Hill or Kelvin Benjamin)

I have no idea how Benjamin’s ruled TD was overruled to incomplete. And no idea how Tyreek Hills wasn’t called a TD after the challenge. Might as well get rid of reviews if they cant get it right. if I lose my championship by less than 6 (Have Tyreek) there is going to be some broken things this christmas…

I didn’t see Benjamin’s, but I also have Hill. I don’t know what else they want from a receiver! Does it get any clearer for an overturn? All boxes were checked in how he caught it and came down with it. I’m a little pissed about that one.

Benjamin in one replay you could see a tiny but of grass move with his second foot trying to drag. it defnitly touch grass, maybe not the solid ground but it hit the grass. And worse part is it was called a TD and overturned

THAT they overturn?!

Yeah, I had that same dilemma TWICE with JuJu!!! Was big news all week each time. The whole world except for the opposing teams were questioning it vehemently!!! I thought that was the whole reason for a “CREW” of officials AND…REPLAY!!!

I’ve read several things about the Benjamin call. No one but the head of officiating thought it shouldn’t have been stands or confirmed as a catch.


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