Worst loss I ever had. My team let me downhi

Team 1:
Qb- matt ryan
Rb1- todd Gurley
Rb2- cmc
Wr1- stefon Diggs
Wr2- juju
Te- geonk
Flex- amari cooper
K- mike badgley
Def- jags

Total- 120 points

Team 2:
Qb- pat mahomes
Rb1- dalvin cook
Rb2- damien William’s
Wr1- ty Hilton
Wr2- curtis samuel
Te- travis kelce
Flex- justin jackson
K- kai Fairban the fantasy killer
Def- Vikings

Total- 148 points

How does this crazy stuff Happen? All that time i assembled an unbeatable army and lost to a squad that just got hot. So annoying. Times like this makes me wanna stop playing all together

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it’s what we all say. Then we jump right back on preseason

I totally feel ya. Had the best team I’ve ever assembled this year. Best record by 3 wins in my league, most point by 180, lose in first round thanks to everyone just having their worst games of the season.

QB Watson
RB Michel
RB Elliott
WR Hill
WR Smith Schuster
TE Ertz
Flex Hilton
DST Bears
K Zuerlein

BN M Gordon
BN S Ware
BN K Dixon
BN J Howard
BN D Moore
BN R Wilson
BN A Humphries
BN E McGuire

Only drop 100 points, lose to a team that snuck into the playoffs thanks to everything breaking their way, and they only dropped 105. I start Howard over Michel, I win. Unreal. So ready to retire from Fantasy as well.