Worst Mock fantasy picks you've seen so far

ill start,
in a mock draft recent;y one of the participants drafted Patrick Mahomes 3rd overall…

I keep seeing Kelce going 1.06 in PPR leagues (no TE premium). Which is annoying because I’m sitting at pick 9 in a 12 team league and really would like to get Kelce with my 2nd pick.

It’s tough practicing your strategy with mock drafts because poeple will make picks like that for dumb reasons or to “see what it’ll look like”. In that same draft I got Dalvin Cook with the 3.09…which would never happen in a legit draft.

Had another guy pick Hill/Kelce/Mahomes and wanting D. Williams but didn’t get him in the 4th. So he got mad, went on a rant and went to auto draft the rest of the time lol.

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