Worst trade made or seen made?

I saw this topic posted in a different forum and there were some pretty hilarious answers, so I thought I’d post it here. What is the worst trade you’ve ever made or seen made in one of your leagues?

I started playing fantasy football in 2009 as a part of a keeper league and being a big Patriots fan I wanted Wes Welker on my team. With a mixture of inexperience and fan love after the 2010 season, I traded Arian Foster for him (there were some other pieces involved, but it was more or less straight up). Arian went on to put up 1850 and 12 tds in 2011 and then 1600 and 17 tds in 2012 during regular season. Lesson learned.

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one of the funniest trades i ever saw was a complete dick move to be honest. there was a guy who talk a lot of smack at the start of the season. like, a LOOOTTT. to the point where everyone really really wanted him to lose. so here we go through the season and he loses. and loses. and then some more. all on his own, no dickery involved. to the point where the regular season is almost over and he has not won YET. so going into week 13 there was another guy who just wasnt doing very well. he had a solid team but always ended up losing anyway. he was playing chris. after how he started we all thought it would be funny to see him explode at a 0 and 13 season. so we allowed a trade with his opponent and another really bad team who had some good pieces. and i mean damn his team was a work of art after we were done. it was like the globe trotters VS the generals. anyway he loses in glorious fashion. it did nothing to our finals bracket, it was just a fun F you to this guy.


I managed to trade for CJ Anderson, Jamaal Charles, Eric Decker…the week before they got hurt.

Brightside? Bought them with waiver wire additions so (shrug?).

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