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Worst trade of your league so far?


Someone just traded me michael thomas for aaron jones. Just wanted to see what other terrible trades have been agreed upon out there.


I have to own up to two trades I made this year… They have been haunting me all year.

After week 1 I traded gurley and cobb for fournette. (Lost my mind. Didnt like how gurley looked week 1 and fell in love with fournette… Should have waited)

Then traded fournette for elliot right before the suspension news hit (still on the fence on this one. Knew it was a risk but the timing sure made me look dumb)…

The week 1 trade is what drives me crazy… I offered it and I gave up wayyyyy to much… that is and will be the worst trade ive ever made.


Julio Jones for Jason Witten after week 1


Honestly it comes down to Gurley vs Fournette and nobody really expected the rams to bounce back like they did. They had a new head coach and a secondn year qb who didnt look that great during his rookie year. Cobb really hasnt produced so to me it seems irrelevant.


I’m sorry for your loss.


Idk if this guy just doesnt care or is fantasy football challenged… but i got him twice.

I traded away jay cutler, cj anderson, john brown and alfred morris and i got Tom Brady and Christian McCaffery… its PPR

I just traded away JuJu Smith and Matt Moore and got Agholar, Hogan and DeSean Jackson…


Week 3 guy traded away TY Hilton and Lev Bell for Dez and Gillislee… almost had to call the cops because everyone in the league witnessed a robbery /s


The guy I was playing week 6 offered me Mark Ingram for Amari Cooper. I nearly broke my phone hitting accept before he could sober up or come down off his crack high. I started Ingram against him for 25 standard points and won, then next week he sat Cooper for his 40 pt game against KC.


Before the first game had been played, two teams in my league traded Julio Jones, Kareem Hunt, and Jack Doyle for Dez Bryant, Jordan Reed, and Tyrell Williams…


I traded ginn for Bernard 2 days ago because I thought I added a wr to the trade before I realized I didn’t he accepted


i got lev bell for adam thielen, sammy watkins and evan engram who i just picked up off the waiver


Some guy traded A.J. Green for W. Snead and A. Peterson. The guy could have gotten a much better RB if he wanted one. And also, he had no other WR1 on his roster. Not a good move. His best WR other than Green is G. Tate.


Someone in my league got ty hilton for brandon marshall and jared cook in week 3. I was floored…


Guy traded Chris Thompson for fournette. Then a few weeks later trades me wentz and Seattle d for newton.


Week before Ingram went off, someone traded Ingram, Tate, and Buck Allen for Keenan Allen. Half PPR league.


Traded MCcaffery, Garcon, and amendola for tyrelle Pryor and Jay Ajayi…

Have been hoping for a break out game from Ajayi for 5 weeks now


Had a NEWB player trade Fournette and Chris Hogan and drop the Steelers D/ST and get Jay Ajayi, Seahawks D/ST, & Mike Evans. Full PPR with a stupid shallow bench.


Before the season started I trade Kyle Rudolph, and fornette for Crowell and Bennett. I thought the hype around Crowell was more than fornette and now I am beating myself for it. Something I still hear about in my league


Just… wow


One guy traded away Hopkins for Buck Allen.
Another guy traded Antonio Brown for Ajayi.