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Worth a bench Stash?


I have good rb depth but no elite talents. I have Hunt, Crowell, Abdullah, Martin, Powell, and Gore. We start 2 rb plus a flex. Should I drop Gore for Jamaal Williams or Matt Breida?


NO! there has got to be a better option than to drop gore


I know, Marvin Jones and Corey Davis are my bottom 2 at WR…I could drop Davis, but that’s just one stash for another.


try and trade gore if anything, definitely do not drop him


If Jamaal Williams and/or Breida are on your waivers now, chances are they will be on your waivers after Week 1. If I’m reading between the lines of your query, you’re in a similar position that I’m in. You’re so freakin’ excited about the season to start and fantasy football that you’re critiquing you’re own roster so much and wanting to make moves to get that slight advantage.

From the question you posed here, my recommendation would be to keep your roster as is and wait to see how Week 1 turns out. After week 1, maybe the unthinkable happens and someone doesn’t get the play time we originally thought, they don’t perform or worse, they get injured. I think only time will help you answer this question.

I hope this helps.


I have but he went so late in the draft no one’s biting yet.


Thanks, it does help. Patience is something I’ve never had but luckily I’m number 1 on the waiver!..Haven’t been able to convince the other to make the switch.


Definitely don’t drop Gore. I think you’re fine with what you have. Depth isn’t your problem. High end talent is. Neither Brieda, nor Williams will fix that.