Worth acquiring Hyde - Dynasty?

Guy in my league has Hyde and Chubb and wants to reduce his stock in the Browns backfield. I was thinking that Chubb will be the more expensive of the two as it’s dynasty but as Hyde is only 26 and has proved he can get it done in the league is he worth acquiring?

I suspect he’ll be waiting for an offer for Chubb so trying to catch him off guard but how would you guys value Hyde if at all? If he gets cut next offseason he can still resign somewhere and be of a value or shall i take a pass in general here?

I personally am quite high on Hyde. He’s a proven player who’s performed well when healthy so I would try and acquire him if I were you!
As you mentioned Chubb might be expensive so you may be able to get Hyde quite cheap for a high upside player!

Also, he’s 27 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the take man, i was thinking the same way and Chubb will bring his price down so you never know. He’s depth if nothing else.

Ha yes well 27 in September yes so technically playing the season, but he’s not as old as i thought either way feels like he’s been around for longer you know

I would not offer any more then a 2nd for him. Further, I would only make this move if I was a contender. This is not a rebuild player. Hyde is just a first and 2nd down role player.

I was starting at 3rd and agree i don’t think I’d offer a second to be honest. It’s the first year of a start up so difficult to assess everyone as to contenders or not as some have gone quite heavy on rookies and there are two primarily veteran rosters but with no depth at all. I would say based on my roster i should be in the playoffs without too much hassle so i might see how a 3rd sits with him, maybe offer someone like Riddick if he wants a player back as well but otherwise that’s too much for me