Worth dropping for Perine?

With Kelly on the IR, are any of these players worth dropping for Perine?

Kenyan Drake, Crowell, Alfred Morris, Latavius Murray

Other option is to not play a TE this week and drop Gresham who I’m streaming because of ASJ’s bye (currently in 1st place and essentially locked for playoffs)

I wouldn’t think so. Perine is okay but not better then any of those listed. Also he’s very touchdown dependent

Ok thanks, Burkhead is also on the waivers, wasn’t sure if I was missing out on a strong stash.

Any advice on who I should start out of those 4 as my RB2? Right now its Drake.

Bulkhead is a good stash I think. And if I were to drop someone for him it’d probably be Murray. But I’d monitor if the Dallas starting LT is going to play this game and if he is I’d play Alf over drake. Otherwise I’d play drake seeing as Jax shutdown Gordon so I don’t think to highly on crow but it’s possible he’ll go off again.

I like Morris the least. I think it is only another week or 2 before rod smith takes over. I like burkhead more then perine though. I would grab burkhead and drop Morris personally.