Worth Going After Hunt?

Would it be worth trading for Hunt while rostering Chubb, my leagues FLEX is WR/TE only so I cant put him there so he’d purely be a handcuff (To many mouths to feed in Cleveland as is to think Baker would be able to support 2 RB’s). My other RB’s are Chubb/Singletary/RoJo/Dobbins/Edmonds. .5 ppr redraft league. Any thoughts are appreciated.

What kind of league is this? It seems like your RBs are lacking and if there’s no possibility of using him as a flex I would say try to go after a higher caliber RB

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12 team, 3 keeper league. I kept Chubb, Kenny Golladay and Chris Godwin, and had no 1st rd pick, so yeah RB is a little rough this season.

I actually made a post the other day asking if I should upgrade my RB situation and who to go for if so, but had no reply’s so I just left it alone haha.

hahhaa yeah I’ve been trying to upgrade my RBs in my leagues as well and the pool is very lacking, I would honestly try to go for fournette this year, his value is very low and he should have good upside this year barring injury, if you are looking for an RB to keep I would target Sanders or CEH but CEH will come with a high price, there’s really only 10 RBs that are worth keeping/trading for this year unfortunately

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Been my problem, the CEH owner isn’t taking offers (came in last place last season) and wasn’t sure of anyone to target, looked at Drake then the walking boot news came out, looked at Bell and remembered Gase is his coach and they’re hyping Gore. And looked at David Johnson, but not sure what kind of offer to send. Very difficult season this year.

Yeah that’s the same issue I’ve been running into, not enough upside with these RBs just guys that have a decent floor, like Gurley, DJ, Bell, etc. I honestly think Drake will be good but you never know with the boot news, the Henry owner may take a lower price, I would shop around until you can find a good RB 2, I honestly don’t think Singeltary will do much, maybe shop for Moss so you lock up buffalo’s backfield, and I honestly think Moss will take over majority but that’s my own opinion

Any suggestions on what I could package to make the trade happen?

WR-Godwin/Golladay/Deebo/Emanuel Sanders/DeSean Jackson/Christian Kirk

I would try and trade Edmonds + Emanuel Sanders for Moss and see what they say, if they don’t go for that maybe try and trade RoJo straight up for him or Kirk straight up for him but I think Kirk has more value than Moss does

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What about Singletary for David Johnson straight up?

Edit: Sent an offer of Singletary and Kirk or Sanders for DJ. May have gotten to aggressive…

I would trade Singletary for Johnson, I think that’s a good trade if you add those receivers to the trade as well, DJ theoretically should be a workhorse back and as long as he doesn’t get injured he should be a 1k yard rusher.

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I would say try to target the Drake owner and package Edmonds and Sanders or Kirk for a DJ/Bell/Gordon caliber player.

I don’t like the Buffalo RB situation enough to roster both Singletary and Moss, so if you can’t work something out with the Drake owner then I would suggest trying to turn Singletary and Sanders/Deebo/Kirk into a DJ/Bell/Gordon caliber player

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I would suggest Dobbins to the Ingram owner, but I would think he’s going to have great keeper value if (hopefully when) Ingram moves on next year

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Actually currently working on that, the Drake owner is being unreasonable with trade negotiations so I reached out to the DJ owner and offered Singletary and Kirk, just waiting to hear back.

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