Worth it or nah?

.5 point ppr

Trade Montgomery, Higgins, and aj brown
For devante Adam’s and jonathon Taylor?

I have Hopkins, Elliot, Aaron Jones, and najee Harris robby Anderson, Tyler Boyd, kareem hunt, Ronald Jones

It’s pretty even but I think I’d rather have Adams a d Taylor and a waiver pickup.

I like it I’d make that trade. You end up with a free slot and the best two players in my view.

That’s what I was thinking too. I’m first on waiver going for Antonio brown. Think that’s a good idea?

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Smash that trade right away.

If I looked at the deal as Taylor, Adams and Brown for Montgomery, AJ and Higgins then I would be wanting the Taylor Adams Brown side by a distance

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@Mr_Wind-up_Bird has hit the nail on the head, you have number 1 wavier too so you can grab AB. This is a smash accept trade now no question.