Worth it to drop 2 for Clement?

Clement is available on the waiver wire. I have Allison in my IR slot now, so if I want to put in a claim for Clement, I have to drop someone first (since Allison’s Q now) and then drop another to pick him up.


  1. Is it worth it to drop 2 to get Clement? I’m 2nd in the order and likely to get him if I put in a claim.
  2. If so, who should I drop? Hate to drop Stafford, but I’m thinking him first since I have Winston, and then either Miller or R Freeman

QB: Stafford, Winston
RB: Kamara, McCaffrey, Lindsay, R Freeman, K Johnson, Miller
WR: Evans, Sanders, Baldwin, Allison, Coutee
TE: Njoku
DST: Panthers
K: Bailey