Worth it to trade Deandre Hopkins?

Was offered Gurley, AJ Brown, and Justin Jefferson for Deandre Hopkins in my 12 team half PPR league. I’m kind of hurting at RB while my other WRs are solid. Worth it to take it? Or Hold Hopkins?

RBs: Jonathan Taylor, Antonio Gibson, Nyhiem Hines, James White

WRs: Deandre Hopkins, Terry Mcclaurin, Devante Parker, Darius Slayton, Russell Gage

I’m not super high on Gurley but if you’re desperate for an RB this could work unless someone else would be willing to give you someone better. I was pretty high on AJ Brown coming into the season. We haven’t seen him much because of the injury and then covid and may not just yet with a few more positive tests today. He’s probably come out on top but this would be a fair trade for you.

I traded him but went big, I got Zeke for him. and l agree with jdawgs909, Gurley is just not Gurley any longer.

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