Worth picking up Rashaad Penny?

Sitting out there largely unnoticed, got a free bench spot and don’t need to play him? Standard redraft league, is her worth a roster to see what the workload is this week or outside of Carson are we hands off this backfield?

Hard to say without knowing who else is available on waivers, but he’s definitely not the worst stash you make. But I think he probably needs an injury to Carson to really become startable. I’d also check if D’Onta Foreman is out there. He’s also a long shot, but I think has a slightly better chance to claim a starting gig.

Best RBs right now are Penny, Foreman, Mostert, Hines, Morris, Ivory, Barber, Montgomery and Mike Davis who I didn’t notice got dropped.

My RBs are Gordon, Cook, Mixon, Kerryon, Ito with OBJ, Green, Allen, Landry and Ertz at WR and TE with Cam at QB. Any of those waiver RBs worth a stash and see? I guess looking for upside/shot at starter or playoff role over a dire need to play this week

Any takes on which RB waiver wire guy is the stash here from the group: Penny, Foreman, Mostert, Hines, Morris, Ivory, Barber, Montgomery and Mike Davis

Mostert and Ivory could be starters this week. I’d probably lean towards them while favoring Mostert.

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You think long term they’d hold more value over the rest? I agree Mostert is my favourite at the moment but I can see the argument for Ivory, at least until the trade deadline just in case McCoy does get traded

I’d say ROJO and Penny might be worth a stash in deeper leagues. I like Penny better talent wise but I think ROJO has a more clear path to touches. Ivory is another one that could be worth something. Despite getting thrasted by Indy, he still saw like 20 touchs and had 100 yards from scrim. And with McCoy injured, could be in for bigger workload.

Thanks Mike, I’ll see how the waivers go tomorrow. I’m pretty high up the priority list so I’ll see who falls through the cracks, I can see Penny getting left though off the bye people forget. I’m keen to see who gets dropped as well, lots of people losing patience with guys and hotbed by bye weeks could be a few guys for the taking. Weeks 7, 8 seem to be good weeks for drop it like it’s hot in my league, don’t know if that’s a common thing

I don’t play in any waiver priority leagues, all mine are FAAB but just to be clear, I would not be burning a high priority waiver on either ROJO or Penny. I’m getting them in FA or not at all.

Oh yeah 100% I’m waiting to see who clears tomorrow, no one worth burning priority for. Need to get the switch to FAAB on the agenda for next year