Worth Taking Claypool off of Taxi Yet?

Is it worth taking Claypool off of mt Taxi Squad at this point?

I am 2-3 right now and just hanging in there in the 8th spot on 12. I would have to drop someone to pull him from my Taxi. I he will add value, but how much and isbit worth it?

It is a 3 WR and 2 Flex (2 RB) staring lineup

My Team:
J. Jone
TY Hilton
B. Aiyuk
AJ Green
C. Samuel
T. Patrick
M. Hardmen

D. Johnson
D. Freeman
M. Ingram
Lat Murray
A. P.

I’m a little late to reply but I’d keep him on Taxi or trade him. You may as well keep your team as is and fall into a better spot in the draft.

I wouldn’t go to attack with the team this year neather.

Keep or trade him, collect picks and rock 2021 :fist_right: