Worth targeting CMC in standard leagues?

14 team league. CMC owner only has him and Mack and basically no one else at the RB position. Just acquired Drake and AJones from the Latavius owner for Cook. Should I try to offer Drake and AJones for CMC? I do have my concerns though since this is a standard league. Thoughts?

My RBs: Gordon, Conner, James White, Drake, AJones, D’Onta Foreman

You’re fine without CMC most importantly, and my answer is definitely no, don’t try for him from that team. He’s not gonna give him up if for Drake and A Jones right now I doubt. Drake had a nice couple Games but AJ is looking clearly stuck in the McCarthy trap and not getting enough work. Plus, this dude is happy with CMC and Mack this week so he’s prob hitting the waivers to add on to that duo.

I’d keep those two guys for a week and see what they do anyway. Those are your only RB options?

No one on waivers (14 team league), and he probably is gonna lose this week so he’ll be 3-4. I’ll throw it out there and see. I’d have Gordon, James White and CMC if he took it. I also might try to get Gronk from him cuz he has Gronk and Kelce by offering Russell and Lockett since he has Bortles as his QB.