Worth targeting David Johnson?

I have Freeman, Hyde, Martin, Cohen, and Charles at RB. With my starters, I’d like to think my team is good enough to be a playoff contender (full roster below). Is it worth trying to take on the unknown of DJ in case he does come back for playoffs? If so, what do you think would make a fair deal?

Standard scoring
Rest of team:
QB: Newton, Wentz
WR: Nelson, Jeffery, Parker, Jones Jr. Moncrief
TE: Ertz
K: Bryant
DST: Arizona

How many teams make the playoffs in your league and how many people are in your league?

To me freeman is probably the best bait for the job. You will have to throw in another player most likely, Ertz might do it. The risk is high though, your thought process is good in remembering you have to make the playoffs first. I think the next step is considering whether the cardinals will be in contention and even want to play him if he’s 85% in November or 90% in December. Overall I would rather hold on to the team you have and find moves elsewhere. It’s a long season and there are lots of cuffs that could become pretty valuable in the future. Think colts backup RB or steelers just to name a few.

I agree with most of @conan_russell thought process but to give up a top RB for hopes and prayers on a guy that will miss 8-12 weeks is not the best move. You can get Johnson for 20 cents on the dollar

@JordyWannaRideWitMe 12 team league with 6 teams making the playoffs

@conan_russell Yeah, whether Arizona has a playoff chance is also a factor. I definitely won’t move Freeman for an injured DJ. I was thinking maybe a Cohen + Hyde or Martin trade. Alternatively, the team with DJ is pretty bad without him, so could just take him off the board all together. Last year, the DJ owner won the championship.

You know how people are. It’s hard to get a fair shake. Also it’s early so there’s still that emotional “hey that was my first round pick” and “he could still be a bad-a” kind of feelings you have to contend with when making an offer.

I personally gave up David Johnson (I also had woodhead go down) for Jaquizz (I had Martin) and his 2nd waiver wire spot which ended up to be Cohen. If the guy with Johnson is in panic mode like I was, then you could get him for cheap. Im thinking start lower than what he should accept just to see if he bites. Have him get back to you with feedback so you know where that owner stands. Start out with just Cohen or Charles and Moncrief, in my opinion

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When I asked him about it he said “You really want to trade for an injured player?” Wondering if he goes as far as just dropping DJ. He said he would look over my roster but if Cohen has another big game, then might be easier to try a Cohen for DJ straight-up.

Sorry for the tough breaks. Great strategy, I totally agree.