Worth tithe trade?

Should I trade away Aaron Jones and Jamal Williams for the #3 overall rookie draft pick?? I currently have D.Johnson, Gallman, Coleman, Woodhead, D.Washington, Prosise, Foreman. Looking to draft the best RB available.

id make that trade you are oretty good now get future a asset and who knows could be huge next year

What are the needs of the teams ahead of you. If you think they both take RB than that #3 pick might not be that great.

Jones and Williams are both 2nd year guys now and with Rodgers williams could be a monster. he did pretty well when teams didn’t have to worry about the QB. I dont thnk you have to worry about Montgomery coming back into the fold to much next year as both these guys proved they are a better RB. Monty is maby the third down back next year if he is even on the team

If you were trading away 2 28 yr old RBs that would be one thing. but trading 2 2nd year guys for a rookie who might not even play much is a risk.

I agree with Badgertrav, if both the guys in front of you take RB’s, I assume theyre going to take Barkley and Guice, then you’re left with Sony/Chubb which could be great adds but may not be as quality as the two that would be taken before you. if it was the 1.01 or 1.02 maybe. Have you tried offering something like Jones and Woodhead or something like that? Because Woodhead is on the downward end of his career, but would still give some potential future value with Jones.