Worth trading David Johnson?

Whole team is under achieving. Lost 3 in row and need to find some points somewhere. Got this offer and thinking it might be worth getting some depth in exchange for DJ and John Brown. Half point PPR.

TJ Yeldon
Austin Ekeler
Jordy Nelson or Doug Baldwin

Giving up:
David Johnson
John Brown

Thoughts? Rest of my roster attached

I’m really happy DJ scored 2 TDs. I am now trying to shop him to everyone in the one league I have him. That team still looks awful, and the coaching staff still not using DJ as a receiver. Sell if you can.

Having said that, I’m not selling him for what you have listed there. Makes no sense. I’d still take DJ over Ekeler/Yeldon who are situational backs / need injury to be relevant. And I’d rather have John Brown than both Jordy and Baldwin. So you’re giving up the better RB and the better WR. Senseless trade.

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That’s a pretty weak return for DJ. Just because you receive an offer for an expendable/ overachieving player doesn’t mean you can’t get a better offer. If you message your league mates soliciting offers, I’m sure you’d get a better return than that.

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Thanks. Pretty much just verified my hesitations over the deal.

I’d want the DJ/Brown side ROS. Wouldn’t touch a Seahawk with a 10-foot pole

I currently have an offer from a team in my 12 team ppr involving me giving up DJ and i’m curious on your thoughts because I seriously don’t feel super great about accepting or declining the deal.

I give: DJ, Royce, Dalton (I have Mahomes at QB)
I get: Dalvin, Latavius, Michel

On paper it could be a no brainer but Cook’s injuries do worry me a bit.

My RBs are: DJ, Collins, Royce, Hines

Getting back Dalvin Cook and Michel is a nice return, assuming Dalvin stays healthy. Murray has had multiple attempts this year to carry the load when Dalvin is out, and has not lived up to expectations.

I would stick with what you’ve got until there’s a clearer picture of Dalvin’s health.

It’s close, but personally, I would take the deal.

Michel to me is a low RB1 ROS which is basically what DJ is. Put another way, I feel more comfortable starting Michel then Cook on a weekly basis.

Dalvin when healthy, is a stud. Yes he is injured right now but that’s the risk you take in this deal. If he wasn’t injured, you wouldn’t be getting this offer.

Dalton is meaningless to you since you have mahomes. Even with the great matchups coming up for dalton, hard to start him over mahomes.

I love royce the player, hate the situation. Rather own Lindsay in that backfield. Royce needs an injury in order to be reliable. He just isn’t getting the volume to make him trust worthy. He’s a TD or bust guy right now.

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