Worth trading for Jordan Howard?

His value is down again after a low week but he’d be my 4th/5th RB. What do we think about his second half of the season?

Was looking to getting him with Hilton in a package for Baldwin +? Is Baldwin back now after a strong showing or is a sell now while you can? Standard league

Lol I also need to know xD he’s my RB 3 and I’m wondering if I keep him or package him and trade up

I’m putting some feelers out tomorrow but I’d be buying as low as possible or not at all. This was a crazy game but his usage is worrying for sure.
If you can trade up in a package I would try for sure

Don’t think I’m buying him right now. He’s just not really fitting into this offense. Hard to sell him either cause you’re getting pennies on the dollar now. Just have to stick it out and see what happens.

I offered James Conner for Howard because I thought he was going to break out. The Howard ower never responded and the trade expired. Sent me a message after the 1st slate of games and asked if I still wantet to make the trade…I’m ignoring them for now.

Been saying it all year. He doesn’t look good in this offense

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Waiting on Bell, while having Howard as your RB1 in the meantime. Sigh, fantasy football. This is what I waited all year for.