Worth trading for M. Thomas?

I am struggling at WR. Current WR’s are M. Evans, L. Fitzgerald, S. Watkins, C. Hogan, T. Ginn, and A. Callaway. Started great but they are all risky now. Do you think it’d be wise to upgrade M. Evans to M. Thomas to have some sort of safe WR. I’d most like have to give up Evans and either Breida or Lynch to make it happen. I am light at RB however with only Gurley, Lynch, Breida, and L. Murray

I’d definitely rather have Thomas given the choice. There’s some uncertainty with both given Ingram coming back in NO and the QB change in TB. I don’t really see the QB change negatively affecting Evans, but there’s a lot more competition for targets in Tampa. Thomas seems guaranteed higher volume.

I’d like to do that trade but I don’t think it’s fair or gonna be accepted. MT is the best wr in fantasy football rn and will very likely finish top 3

Depends on the team with Michael Thomas - Lynch and Evans for Thomas might be a fair enough trade - I would give it a shot but then you have to look at how your starting lineup would look. You have a stronger flex position currently with your team.

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Not a bad deal, tempting… I wanted to acquire Thomas in one of my leagues but the owner will only accept a combo of Ingram and Matt Ryan lol…

I would try to do that trade, maybe throw in a middling draft pick too. I do not trust Winston and sat Mike Evans almost the entire year last year for waiver streamers…

That is definitely true that Thomas is most likely gonna end up a top 3 WR but sometimes its not about the players itself but how to sell the trade. This is why they recommend on the podcast to message the other team first instead of simply sending the trade proposal. Evans is the 3rd WR in our full PPR format so its not exactly a giant downgrade that warrants huge pieces with Evans but Lynch is currently a top 10 RB with a head coach who specifically wants to run the ball down their opponents throat. So he will have plenty of volume with no real RB2 competing for touches. It’s about how you sell the trade

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Fluffy is absolutely right. If you are cordial, sell a good story, and make a fair offer, you can win people over very easily! Sell the upside and the glory and the benefit to them. It’s how I got Fuller for Corey Clement + 8th round draft pick from the Ajayi owner…