Would anyone risk trading Zeke for a WR1? - 0.5 PPR

I have Zeke, DJ, Aaron Jones, Jordan Howard, and Sony Michel, but my WRs are rough… Marvin Jones, Baldwin, MVS, and Courtland Sutton.

I’m thinking about shopping Zeke to see if I can get OBJ, Michael Thomas, Julio… Zeke/Cowboys have been really underperforming and I’m not getting that production I was looking for when taking Zeke 4th overall.

I’m 4-5 sitting outside of the playoffs looking in, but my points for are super low. No one will bite on trading for Michel, Howard, or Jones, and I’m getting desperate.

12 Team 0.5 PPR.

Yeah it’s a gamble. I’ve entertained the thought of trading away Zeke for OBJ. The OBJ actually proposed it, so that’s where his value is. Standard scoring for me.

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I don’t think I would do that trade in standard. It’s definitely situational depending on your team. Each week, my opponent always tells me they’re worried about going up against my RB combinations, but I’ve truly lost confidence in Zeke just because of the difference in the Cowboy’s OL from last year and this year. And then he ends up with like 13 points when I’m really looking for his consistent 20+ from the past two years.

The OBJ owner also has Michael Thomas, and I know he would want Zeke, but I’m not even sure which WR I’d rather have the rest of the year…

I have Zeke, CMC, Mixon, Ingram, and Chubb and was thinking of shopping him for a WR1 after Green went down, but there weren’t a lot of takers this year in Full PPR and I can’t blame them as I have been disappointed myself. I’m hoping Amari opens things up for the Cowboys in the next few weeks.

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Honestly, I just looked over Zeke’s schedule and I think there are week winning games in there… like ATL next week for example, or TB in week 16. I think I may hold and just try to win with Marvin Jones and MVS… here’s to hoping