Would appreciate any feedback/advice on my team

Would love some feedback/advice on the team I just draft.
12-Team, Standard Scoring. 1 QB/ 2 RB/ 2 WR/ 1 TE/ 1 Flex/ 1 K/ 1 DST

QB - Newton
RB - Kamara, D. Freeman, Thompson, Powell
WR - Baldwin, Robinson, Jones Jr., R. Anderson, Edelman, K. Benjamin
TE - Walker, Ebron
K - Boswell
DST - Carolina

I know I need to get better depth in my RB…turns out after getting the first two, I kept forgetting or missing the others… :confused: Tossing a low end bid to get the ball rolling on possibly getting Coleman to cuff w/ Freeman.

Any other thoughts/advice welcome!

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Bumping this up in hopes of getting some comments.

Looks pretty solid overall to me, no glaring weakness overall. Yes you could use a little more depth in the RB area. Not sure i’d go in for Coleman this early on.

Anyone interesting on waivers at all at RB, like an Aaron Jones or someone you can stash and see what you have in a few weeks?

It’s a pretty good team! but actually think the bigger weakness here is WR:

as we all know by now, Baldwin has said he won’t be right all year, so he’s a risk as your number 1. I like a-Rob and Marvin, but we don’t really know about how A-Rob will fare in this new setting and Marvin is rather boom / bust. I don’t expect Robby Anderson to play to the production he posted at the end of last year. While Edelman is important for the Pats, Hogan and Gronk are there, too. And while Benjamin is the number one on his team, he’s on a bad team with no o-line. It could be tough sledding for him.

While you only have four RBs, they’re solid choices.

I’d look for an upgrade at WR…you’ve got a high floor, but you need a STUD! As it is, your team will be tough to beat, but if you somehow manage to get a stud wideout, your team will be really hard to beat.

Good luck!

Targeting Coleman since I got burned last year when Freeman got injured - thinking it would be nice to have the cuff. Put an offer to trade K. Benjamin for Coleman as the Coleman owner is a Bills fan.
No one really that interesting on waivers at the moment.

That’s fair enough man, i mean it’s not like Coleman wont have flex value anyway with Freeman in so he’s not a bench clogger!

Hmm, didn’t really think about things this way. I am banking on Baldwin’s injury not slowing him down too much, but there definitely is risk there. Thoughts on targeting someone like Cooper? Cooper owner is a big Pats fan so possible I could try something like Jones Jr + Edelman for Cooper (they also have Allen and Diggs so may not feel they need the 3rd top WR).

That’s my thought - that even just to have him as a backup provides some mental security :slight_smile:
Is offering Benjamin decent? He is ~1 in BUF, but that isn’t really saying a whole lot.

As he’s a bills fan it might be, and if you can sell him on the fact they will need to throw a ton this year and outside of McCoy who else will catch the ball and he has some TD upside as well given his size and the fact he has done it before. I wouldn’t really want to pay too much more, maybe Powell if you had to as well but i like your other guys as they are. There will be some flier you can grab from the wire if you had to do a cheap 2 for 1 to get him.

I own Coleman in our standard league, i’m waiting for the Freeman to come to me when he gets nervous