Would love a little Keeper help... please

Looking for some help with my 2 Keeper this year… any advice?
Player (Keeper Round)

Big Ben (10)
Julio (1)
Woods (w)
Lamar Miller (3)
Drake (w)
Gronk (2)
Landry (7)
Gio (10)
Wallace (11)
Cobb (8)

@cplummer55 what does “W” mean?

Like I understand it meant waivers… But what round does that go with in your draft?

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W is waivers and will be considered for an 8th rounder

Of that list, I would only really want to keep Julio at the price tag. I don’t have a ton of faith in Miller, Drake or Woods. Gronk is too expensive for my tastes.

Landry for a 7th is a good one, though. So, Julio and Landry are my picks, then you can spend rounds 2 and 3 on RB

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Thanks man… I am leaning heavy on Julio too

Do you know the draft order?

If you are at the top and can snag either Saquon or Julio in your first pick , you may go Gronk and Landry and start your team with that trio.

If not, then I think you go Julio and Landry.

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We do not know the draft order yet.

It’s Landry in the 7th forsure… As you are getting 2 rounds better ADP.

Then it’s up to you on the Julio.

Julio is forsure a round #1 guy but he usually falls to 2.01,2.02.

I would want to know how many top 10-12 RB are being kept.

Once I know that I can kind of project what my round 2 pick will be… If you think you have no shot at getting a RB1. I might just let julio go back in the draft and get a RB1 in round 1 and get a Keenan allen or devante Adams in round 2.

But if you think a guy like cook or Gordon or something like that might fall to you in the 2nd then I’d be more than happy to lock up julio in Round 1.

So take a gander of the other teams in your league and see how many top RB1s might be kept…

So def keep Landry and then possible julio

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