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Would love feedback on my team (12 team, standard league)


Just wrapped up my work league draft and was hoping to get some feedback/suggestions for improvements. We are playing a 12-team standard league w/ 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 Flex. I drafted 12th (standard snake).

QB - Newton, Wentz
RB - Freeman, Hyde, Martin, Johnson Jr., Charles
WR - Nelson, Jeffery, Parker, Moncrief, Jones Jr
TE - Ertz
K - Bryant
DST - Arizona



I love the Martin and Parker picks. Those could make this a homerun, if they lay off like I think they could. I don’t love Alston, but as a WR2 (in I’d assume the 3rd round?) The upside is pretty interesting. You are definitely banking in some upside plays, which is risky, but overall, I think this was a nice job. I’d consider making a move to cash in some of the upside of one of your players for reliable production, but that’s a personal preference. I like to balance risk with safety.


Grabbed Alshon at the top of the 4th. I went Freeman (12), Nelson(13), Hyde(36), Jeffery(37). I agree that there is risk in a couple of my starters but feel there is also some reliable guys to balance it out. Thanks for the feedback!


Gotcha. Ok, 4th makes me feel a little better about it. Like I said, overall I think it’s a good draft. Freeman and Nelson alone should keep you competitive.