Would Love Flex Help :)

Deciding between Sutton and Reynolds in my second flex spot. A win locks my in at the #1 seed. Playing against last place but not taking that for granted.

I would go Reynolds. Reynolds has filled the void of Coop for Goff in the red zone.


Great point. The only thing giving me pause is Sutton’s stat line away from home is tremendously better for some reason, and it’s very favorable against Cincy, especially with a new QB there giving Case good field position a lot of the game I imagine. He hasn’t had a breakout game yet, but I’m expecting a very safe floor of at least 7.5-8 pts which is great service for a flex 2.

Do you think I should go for ceiling with Reynolds? Or a safe floor with Sutton playing against last place whom I projected to beat by 20 points? Or do you still think Reynolds is a safer play regardless?

As of now I think Reynolds has the safer floor and higher ceiling. Sutton has no more than 3 catches a game. His catches are usually deep balls to, so 50/50 balls. With no more than 3 catches a game and the types of passes he gets, I don’t feel comfortable with him man. Plus Reynolds is in a high octane offense. Over the past 5 games Reynolds has had 6 red zone targets and Sutton has had 0…

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Really appreciate the insight. I think you’re convincing me and I’m leaning Reynolds now. Sutton’s matchup is just so hard to say no to haha

Lol I understand about the matchup man, I just have never been a fan of receivers that rely on the 50/50 ball with low volume.

Ya that’s extremely fair. So disappointing to see no increase in production from him after DT left. Still holding on to hope though.

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OK let’s bring Tre’Quan into consideration now that he’s been declared active for Thursday… lol. Still Reynolds?

That’s a gamble man… The last game was the only game he’s had over 6 targets. As you can see, Brees has no problem throwing to irrelevant fantasy players; last game killed me because I have Kamara and he threw to 4 different no name players… Smith only had 6 red zone targets all year. I just feel Reynolds still has the safer floor and higher ceiling over Smith.

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Aren’t you glad you didn’t play Tre’Quan? lol

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Lol I was just thinking that a minute ago

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