Would love some input on my team

Not much free agents so any move would really be a trade scenario. Was thinking QB upgrade but most people want a RB in return.

Huge roster(IDP), deep league.
QB:Bortles, Mariota, Keenum, Newton
RB: Bell, Fournette, Yeldon, Sony, CMC, Thompson
WR: Julio, Thelien, Lockett, Woods, Allison, Watkins, Tate, Eldelman.

How is your TE? You’re super deep at both RB and WR, so I would prioritize a potential package trade to get one of the top 3 TEs

How many qbs do you play (assuming 2) in which case you have plenty of options all over
I would stick with what you have the it’s a solid team and can be title worthy pending injuries

No TE, they are rostered in with WR so we aren’t forced to play them. Top guys went so I stacked up at wr in the draft