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Would this be a veto-able action? Trading With Poor Record Teams


I just made a trade in a 10 team PPR redraft league; I am also the commissioner.

I am 3-6, three games out of a playoff spot with five regular season games to go. The top four teams in the playoffs right now are 9-0, 7-2,6-3,6-3.

I just made a trade with a team that is 1-8, where I give up Sony Michel and OJ Howard for Dalvin Cook. I only made this trade because two of my top three RBs, Sony and Nick Chubb, are on bye next week and I am fighting to stay alive; I can’t drop down to replacement level at that RB spot.

Another owner said to me that this trade is “comical/silly” because the 1-8 team is mathematically out of it, and he has no reason to trade, and he would consider veto’ing.

Generally speaking, this league’s rule is veto only in the case of Collusion, which this was not at all. He’s also not mathematically out of it (if the 1-8 owner won the rest of his games averaging 200 points, he’d have a chance to make it, theoretically) if we’re using that angle. That being said, what do you all think?


That’s a completely reasonable trade. Why is there even a problem? Dumb.


That’s B.S. For starters, there’s nothing comical about the trade. I don’t know the 2 team’s full rosters but there’s nothing imbalanced about that trade.

Secondly, whether you’re mathematically eliminated or not that still is no reason to tank or not compete. Play to win every game regardless of your chances of making the playoffs. Just because your two teams are near the bottom doesn’t prohibit your right to compete/improve your teams. That guy threatening to veto sounds like a stuck up turd lol.


I dont think that trade should be vetoed. It looks pretty fair to me.


I take no issue with anyone trading with anyone, regardless of record, but some people won’t trade with poorly placed teams out of principle. I’m fine with that too.

As long as the trades are reasonable, go right ahead. Just cus you’re 1-8 doesn’t mean you should stop playing/working on your team.


Lol id rather have michel and howard keep em!