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Would this trade help or hurt? PLEASE HELP


Been trying to buy Davante Adams for a long time, this is the trade he comes at me with. Should I take this and try and sell Brady, or does this trade not help anything? I think my WR depth is decent but is Adams a solid WR2 for ROS?


I would take that and Flip Brady


I would not do that trade…


Why would you not take that trade?

@agallich is this a PPR league?


Crowell is garbage and plays in trash offense…
U have Brees don’t need to include QB in this trade, there is no guarantee u can flip him to another team.

James White is going to be a monster fantasy RB this season…
It would take a lot for me to trade him away…

Just noticed you also have Bilal Powell…
U really want 2 Jets RBs? YUCK


Id do it if you could possibly get powell instead and maybe add a depth player


If I am looking at it correctly, Powell Is already on his team…
And he has Q. Enunwa…
No way in hell I want 3 Jets players on my team…
I don’t even want 1 jets player…


I agree about jets RB, I dont think this trade is to get Crowell. It was to get Adams and is coming with Crowell and Brady. There will always be someone who takes Brady.

I think White will be good, but Sony looked promising (No receptions was a little scary). I think you could get a white equivalent RB for Brady and maybe even Crowell.

Sanders < Adams
White > Brady, Crowell

With Gurley and Howard, dont really need to fill a RB spot, but do agree you will have a weak RB bench.

I would only take if you know if you can flip Brady with someone.


Why complicate things…
If you feel that strongly about D. Adam, then James White is 1 for 1 is fair trade…
I would prefer to have White though

No way would I accept any trade that has Crowell in it, then u would have 3 Jets players which is not an ideal scenario to say it nicely…

Out of curiosity, what other RBs does he have?
and do you think you could package a Phillip Lindsay/D. Baldwin…
I would much rather try to trade Lindsay than White…


I may come out and offer that. I’m planning on dropping Quincy because my WR is way too stacked. I’m wondering if I should attempt and take this trade in order to just flip Brady and another WR for a solid RB2 ROS. I know Brady has a lot of love for his name, and I’m gonna be getting another DEF for Quincy because Chicago is too nice to drop


Standard leauge


He has Lynch and bell, dropped Chris Carson today. He has a weak rb bench


Him being so thin at RB doesn’t leave room for many options…
I seriously doubt he will trade Lynch, and no way in hell he trades Bell…

Phillip Lindsay/D. Baldwin for Davante Adams?

That gives him depth at RB he wants along with a WR1, and you get Adams…

Just trying to find a way to make a trade work without giving up James White


Sweet, I’ll offer that up!


Would you rather have Baldwin or sanders ROS?


or even Phillip Lindsay/TY Hilton for Adams…


That is a tough one given Baldwins knees…
If I knew for sure Baldwin will play the rest of season I would say him, but it comes with more risk…


Got him boys, sold off Lindsay and sanders for Davante adams! Now I still have that depth and a solid Low end WR1!


Awesome Trade! Good Job


Thank you for the help everyone. Helps my team in the end! 4-0 and making moves!