Would trading for Kareem Hunt hurt my depth?

In a standard league my backs are Fournette, Gordon, Aaron Jones, Hyde, Yeldon, Clement, and D’onta Foreman.

Would you trade Hyde and Clement for Kareem Hunt?

Would I ? sure

Would he accept? I sure as hell wouldn’t

Hyde is fine, but we don’t know what the phillys backfield is going to look like going forward with ajaia down.

Hunt is an absolute RB1, and he needs to get a decent return if he’s going to trade him, unless he is in DIRE need of more depth.

Your best bet would be to package hyde with a pretty good WR2, if you have the depth for it

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Yep, find the guys weakness and offer a solid RB2 with a solid piece at his position of weakness. That’s the only way that person accepts. BTW have the other person suggest the trade structure vs you pushing it on him.

Say hey, what will it take from my lineup for Hunt. Get him looking and thinking. He will come in too high. Then you make the next best offer. This gets that person psychologically interested in trading from the onset. The first 45 second are most important and he needs to be in control during that time. Then when you have him ready, you strike.

The other backs that the owner has are Marshawn, Theo Riddick, McCoy, Smallwood. They had Ajayi before he went down. Trying to sell the aspect of securing philly’s backfield by offering Clement.

ahh, see that is some key information to know. That makes me dislike the trade a little less, but i still don’t believe it is kareem hunt level value. Even if he locks up the philly backfield, he’s only going to play 1 each week and it’s such a gamble to try and pick a back from a committee, let alone picking one that is going to give the type of value an RB1 provides.

Maybe make 2 offers, the first being the one you originally stated, and the second replacing clement with a good WR2,

Note; not a flex WR, but a solid WR2.