Would trading for zeke help or hurt my team?

I trade Keenan allen and AP

I get ZEKE

I’m 5-1 right now… Zeke owner is 3-3 and nerveous he gets suspended and then he doesn’t make the playoffs…

Since my record is good and I believe he either gets it reduced or plays all year I’m willing to take the risk.

I would love running Melvin and Zeke in RB spots and flexing Ajayi.

Thoughts on trade?

My team below

10 team standard league
Start: 1QB,2RB,3WR,1 flex, 1TE

QB: Rivers

WR: Hopkins, Baldwin, Keenan, amendola, Rishard matthews, Corey davis(o), emmanual (IR)

RB: Melvin, Ajayi, kamara, AP, Breida, ivory, DJ(IR)

TE: Ertz

It’ll help your sanity.

@jroh94 what does that even mean?

@Fr0sty11 make the trade and hope he does not get suspended or gets suspended and is back for the playoffs. I did something very similar in a league.

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I heard that Zeke is apparently talking to the NFL about a reduced suspension, and that he actually has an above average chance to not be suspended this year due to the replacements judge opinion on the situation. I would take the chance personally.


Zeke is a mental stressor.

Zeke will play for two more weeks since the court won’t reach a verdict until they come back from vacation late October. Get two pieces for one and save the headache and leave up to someone else to deal with.

@jroh94 I think your reading my post back words.

I am the owner of AP and Keenan…

I am looking to acquire Zeke…

so I guess my craziness will increase if I take the trade.

I think what he means is it makes your decisions on starting someone at RB way easier. Right now you are locked in with Melvin and Ajayi but each week you must decide who to flex. If you do this trade, you are for sure starting Hopkins/Baldwin at WR, Melvin/Ajayi at RB and Zeke at Flex. So your starting 5 skilled spots (assuming that’s the league setup) are locked in each and every week pending BYE weeks and insane matchups. Nothing worse than having two equally skilled players and needing to decide which one to play and the other going off. This way your decision is made pretty easy.

With that being said, if you think he will get it reduced or thrown out (which I feel/hope so too) then make this trade. I just traded for him as well so you and I will be in the same boat should you pull the trigger. But even if you do trade for him, and he does get 6 games, you still have two solid players at each WR/RB spot with a decent 3rd option at each. Go for it.

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Oh snap. My bad.

Yeah trade for him. You’re deep and probably making play-offs. If he does get suspended you can use him as a trade piece to acquire more depth.

I have RunDMC and I’ve been trying to trade him to an Alfred owner or a Zeke owner since the members in my league have been on ‘tilit’ for the entire month.

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Zeke Update @Fr0sty11

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