Would u make this trade?

10T full ppr redraft league…I’m giving Dalton, Antonio Brown, Brate and Broke back Ajayi for Goff, Cooper, Sony and Kerryon…the rest of my team is Luck, Landry, Manny Sanders, Godwin, Keke, Burton, Dalvin Cook, Latavius Murray, Henry, and Chubb

no, do not trade away Antonio Brown stop

You are in need of some running backs id puruse some higher end RB2s or low end RB1s. You could probably do Antonio for Jordan Howard and a Wr2

Tried already the same guy has juju so he don’t want brown and won’t swap me for juju

Don’t love the trade but given your team comp, you need the running backs pretty badly. RIght now, you have no startable RBs. Sucks to trade away AB but Landry/Sanders/cooper can at least get it done.

Kerryon/Michel is a solid RB duo. I have that combo in basically every single league cause i went Zero RB and now they’re both coming into form.

Yea I’m desperate for RBs…and I’m gaining wat I think is a top 10 QB Mayb a lil better gaining two startable RBs prolly in top 20 and cooper can fill half of browns void at least…

Id shop AB around more before settling for Sony and Kerryon… I like Sony as an RB2… but I dont even feel good flexing Kerryon let alone rolling with some safe floor WRs and those guys as my only backs… go to a team who’s loaded at RB… theyd be more willing to let go of multiple RB2s for

Been trying for a week this is best I can do…