Would u roster any of these players?

I’m in a 10 team full pt ppr redraft league…here’s my current roster… luck, jimmy G, dalvin Cook, Jamaal Williams, Derrick Henry, ekeler, lat Murray (I kno my RBs suck), Antonio Brown, Larry Fitzgerald, Landry, Emmanuel Sanders, John Brown, Godwin, and Enunwa…would you drop any of these players to add any of these that are currently available off my waiver wire…Alfred Morris, Hines, jalen Richard, Chubb, Ted Ginn, and Crowder

I would look at packaging a deal with ur Wrs for a better RB. Then I would suggest Crowder. He is suppose to be the Wr1 in washington.

I hav a current deal on the table to acquire ajayi for Larry Fitzgerald…

If you can do that I would pick up Crowder

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I’d take Chubb or Ginn over crowder. Alex smith didn’t even look at Crowder last week. I don’t even think he’s knows theyre on the same team.

Lol that is true…Dissly is out there on my wire too my current TE is Burton I kno no one is high on dissly cause he’s supposed to b a blocking te but it’s hard to ignore wat he jus did and without Baldwin for awhile they are gonna need production from someone…

They also bumped him up over Vannett on the depth chart

I picked him up in one of my leagues, I have Burton in that league too. Keeping them both to see how it plays out

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So I jus actually dropped John brown for Cory clement cause I was jus offered a trade for ajayi giving up Larry Fitzgerald so the fact I hav clement now if ajayi goes down is reassurance of the deal…still leaves me wit the questions of Jamaal Williams rest of the season and the fact that crowder, Morris, Chubb and Ginn all available and solid additions…

I feel like that’s undervaluing Fitz some but with your roster I definitely feel like you improved (assuming the starting roster is standard 2WR 2RB and a flex).

Yes that’s correct so now I’m looking at Antonio brown and Landry with Cook and ajayi then my flex being manny sanders