Would u trade Dalvin Cook for Aaron Jones?

10T full ppr redraft league…would u make this trade?

Based on what we’ve seen from the vikings defense so far this season(overhyped more or less), it doesn’t look like their team strategy is materializing to where they’re going to be capable of incorporating a run game as much as they would have liked, and even when they have, it hasn’t been to great success. That being said, it’s still sort of a crapshoot, I think Aaron Jones is a more talented back, the question is will we see him get at least 15 touches a game on a week to week basis from now on? If it were my team, I still think I’d want
Aaron Jones

Yea lots of questions…Vikings o line looks terrible as well I’m contemplating if even using a roster spot on latavius murry is worth it at this point cause I need to stream a te for tomorrow and really don’t want to drop anyone else on my team I c greater upside in guys like coutee and Chubb…

agreed, chubb is definitely a must stash for this week with what we’ve seen and the thought of him sharing a backfield with only one other RB instead of a committee, the browns offense is certainly “good enough” going forward, at least within the confines of their division and with Hue saying he at least wants to get chubb involved a bit more gives nothing but confidence in that particular stash