Would u trade Goff for Lockett and Drake?

It’s a full pt ppr redraft league and my league also rewards a pt per 10 yards on kick and punt returns and I’m also an owner of Luck so he would b my QB moving forward…wat do u think?

Yes. 100%. I’m still hanging on to my Drake hopes which hang by a thread. But the upside with him is definitely pretty high.

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Do it man. Goff is great. I have a little biased being a Rams fan but taking that out of the picture, there will be games that Gurley will just take over and dominate. That needs to be factored, especially how he is their red zone go to guy. They love getting him in the end zone more than anyone else.

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Yea I had drake last year and I watched him at bama too he’s super talented and I refuse to believe he will b kept in this cage for the entire season…

That cut he made against the Bengals, was just so dank. Only 2 RBs in the entire league that can make that cut.

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I need more people like you guys to make more comments like that.

Was the one fortunate enough to get him off waivers midway through last season, and replaced Chris Thomson as my RB2 when he went down for the season.

His play brought me all the way to the championship game, only lost by 6 points :frowning:

However, the joy he brought me had me buy into his hype for this year, and for the most part has been nothing but a dud (sat him the one week he goes off :roll_eyes: )

For now he’ll ride my bench behind Michele and Lindsey, but i keep holding out hope.

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He’s highly talented he’s gonna get goin as soon as his dumbass coach lets him hopefully ownership steps in sooner than later after they lose this weekend and say wth u doing get ur best playmaker the ball now or ur job is on the line

Done deal guys thanks for the words of encouragement now let’s root for the resurrection of Drake and added succes of Andrew Luck!!

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