Would u trade Luck for Lockett?

I own Goff and Luck…this is a 10T full ppr redraft league 1 QB 6pt scoring tds with bonus 5 pts for throwing over 325 yards…my wrs r Landry, sanders, cooper(sucks I hate him)Godwin, coutee, and crowder(gonna drop
Him) also my league scores for kick and punt return yards so Lockett has been pretty valueable thus far…20/19/27/14/26

Sounds alright to me.

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Sounds like a good trade. Never heard of getting points for special teams yard though

I would prefer a skill position over a bench QB if you already have a serviceable starter.

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No I would b trading Luck who’s my backup QB for Lockett …

Yeah if you get special teams yards, probably worth it.

Personally I have luck ranked above Goff ROS but I know I’m in the minority on that one. If you prefer goff to Luck, then no issues trading away Luck.

Yea I believe both will finish top 10 fantasy QBs this year I hav Goff as a top 5 guy tho…I’m gonna try to get him to throw Cory clement in with Lockett cause I kno he’s taking him wit the number 1 waiver…he really wants Goff his original offer was Clement, drake, and Lockett for Goff…

My personal policy is when I have 2 really good QBs, I always trade away the one that is more valuable at the time. I.e. the one that gets me better return in the trade. Even if that is the better QB. In Single QB leagues, i just prefer skilled position over QBs.

Only time that rule changes is in superflex cause QB so much more valuable.

Yea that’s y I’m shopping them now…