Would Watkins for Gallup be a fair trade?

Fo you think this is a fair trade? Or someone giving Gallup for Watkins be simply be giving up?

Its fair because both are the #2 option on their team (argument could be made that Watkins is 3 behind Kelce) but I’d much rather have Gallup

I would not take that trade. I’d rather have gallup

I think you missed your window on Watkins, I am not sure I would pick him off waivers at this point. Gallup is some one I also am trying to get but I think alot of people are high on him so would need something better to get him.

One speculation in favor of Watkins is that he’ll be in more favorable matchups once Hill returns, now he gets lots of defensive attention (since week 1). Aaaaand I still want Gallup.