Would y’all do this deal?

Full point PPR, I give up Demaryius, Ingram and Amendola and I get Michael Thomas…we start 1 RB, 2 WR and 2 Flex…my other RB’s are Hunt, Freeman, Kamara, McKinnon…my other WR’s are AJ Green, Stefon Diggs, Pryor…

Would give me a starting line up of:

Qb cousins
Rb: Hunt
Wr’s: Green and Thomas
Flexs: freeman and either Kamara or McKinnon

I love the idea of it even if it does hit my WR depth a bit…am I crazy to do this deal?

I think you are giving up way too much for Thomas. Ingram is going to be a beast and with Sanders hurt Demaryius is going to get an uptick. I personally would not do this deal.


Completely agree with ^. Love Thomas but way too much for him.

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Thanks y’all…you don’t think Kamara eats into Ingram’s value too much? I tried the same deal with McKinnon and he wouldn’t bite…but that New Orleans playoff schedule looks so juicy too and probably a bit more for RB…

They have two completely different roles. I really think Ingram will be RB1 moving forward, don’t think last weekends game against Detroit was a fluke. How’s your record? Is a move necessary?

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Nah not a necessary move at all…I’m 5-1 so trying to solidify my WR2 for a playoff run

Nice, I hear you. You’re stacked at RB. Maybe try moving just McKinnon? He’s been on fire and I’m sure you could get a decent WR2 back. Maybe like a Djax, Fuller, Alshon?

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Would you do dez for McKinnon? And do you think he’s an upgrade over DT?

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Yah I’d definitely do that