Would you accept, counter, or reject?

An owner reached out and wants to trade Lamar Miller for Dereck Carr. I like Carr’s potential as a breakout this year but is it worth giving up a for sure 3rd down back with Foreman gone? He has Phillip Rivers as his second QB and was wondering if countering with a Derek Henry with another player in order to try and reach for Rivers? Am I too high on the Rivers boat to think that?

I am in a 2 QB leabue with .5 ppr scoring
5 point bonus at 300,400,500 passing yards.
5 point bonus at 100,150,200 rushing yards
5 point bonus at 100,150,200 receiving yards

Current Team
Matt Ryan
Lev Bell
Trey Burton
Keenan Allen
Kenyan Drake
Case Keenum

Lamar Miller
Jarvis Landry
Chris Hogan
Jameis Winston
Derrick Henry

I would not accept that trade. Matt Ryan should be a borderline QB1, I don’t see Carr offering anything more than that, so he would essentially just be insurance for your team. Miller can flirt with RB1 many weeks and offers valuable protection at the RB position.

I would roll with Matt Ryan, I think the rest of your team is stacked.

You can counter if you want, but I see little benefit from adding Carr or Rivers, especially with Winston in reserve, he has plenty of upside when he returns.

Do you see Case Kennam or Winston playing at the same level as Carr or Rivers? Since I have to play 2 QBs?

I’d expect Winston to play at a much higher level than Carr. Rivers is a far better option, but I’m not giving up Miller for him.