Would you accept Sony M for LeSean McCoy?

This was proposed to me by a Chiefs die hard so first glance I think it’s a steal on my end to get Michel for McCoy. Right?

I would take that trade. It isn’t as lopsided as I would have thought before last week but The upside of Michel is much higher than McCoy

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if you were to accept the trade i would try and pick up Damien Harris in case Michel gets hurt which is highly likely since he has those bad knees.

help with mine please

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So you want to drop Coleman to pick up DJAX? Hes a boom shot every week and if you feel good at RB with no Coleman then I would say do it

no no not DJAX i have him would be dropping Coleman for Curtis Samuel

Got it…seems pretty even to me so I wouldn’t have an issue with it. You will just have a bunch to think about each week with deciding on starters because no one besides woods seems like you’ll just lock them in each week.